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Recovery Groups Meeting at BPC

BPC isn’t just for Sunday. Community groups such as Al-anon, AA, The Bellevue Women’s Club, CiVil, Girl Scouts, Sunny Day Club®  and more meet here every day of the week.

We are especially proud to have a recovery group meeting every day except for Wednesday. And if Wednesday is the only day you can meet, email us, and we’ll see if we can get another group started.

All are welcome.

AA & Al-Anon Meetings:

Sunday: AA Book Study—5-7 p.m. Upper Level Parking Main Entry. Coffee Parlor

Monday: 24 Hour—6:30 p.m. Lower Level Parking Choir Room

Hope Recovery—7-8p.m. Lower Level Parking Community Room

Tuesday: AA Bellevue Group—7-9 p.m. Lower Level Parking Community Room

Thursday: AA Bellevue Group—7-9 p.m. Lower Level Parking Community Room

Hope Recovery—6-7p.m. Lower Level Parking Youth Room

Friday:  Al-Anon—10-12 a.m. Upper Level Parking Main Entry Coffee Parlor

AA “As Bill Sees It” 7 p.m. Upper Level Parking Main Entry

Saturday: 24 Hour—5:00 p.m. Lower Level Parking Choir Room



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